Brand Enthusiasts and Brand Reps

If you haven’t heard the term ‘Brand enthusiasts’ or ‘Brand reps’ it’s a great way for small online shops to engage with their communities to share fun products and exclusive discounts that their communities are interested in.

Brand enthusiasts and reps are people who would buy the goods anyway but by sharing their pics and inspiration with others, they are rewarded with exclusive discount codes and goodies!

** Our current Brand Rep Season is OPEN. We will accept applications from 6/05 - 6/08 **

What’s Involved As A Brand Rep

  • Genuine enthusiasm and love for the products and brand shown in comments and posts on Instagram or facebook.
  • Promote the brand on your own social media through your beautifully styled photography.
  • Post 1-2 photos on Instagram or Facebook meeting the following criteria:

    • Tag @nerdunderthestairs in the text and photo
    • High quality
    • Creative
    • Natural lighting
    • Clear photos that highlight the product neatly and unobscured
    • Use the hash tags #nerdunderthestairs and where applicable: #nerdyfashion #nerdlings (if applicable to our youth apparel) #nerdytshirt #nerdydrinkware 
    • Call to action using your unique discount code for your followers
    • Like and comment weekly on our posts

What you'll get:

  •  A one time 40% off coupon for the season/term and then 30% off subsequent purchases

  • 1 FREE product with your first purchase of the season/term chosen from your top 3 picks

  • A chance to earn shop credit through our Rep Team point system
  • 15% off discount for your followers



    • 1. Accounts must be PUBLIC until reps are announced so that we can see your entries. If your account is private we will NOT be able to see your entries.

    •  2. You MUST post at least ONE photo each term to keep your brand rep status. A relapse of posting means we can terminate the contract and rescind your discount codes.

    • 3. Nerd Under The Stairs has the right to use your photographs without permission each time on our social media & website for a period of 3 years from submission
    •  4. This search is open to USA, CA or UK residents only. Please make sure you follow all the rules listed above.


      • Follow us @nerdunderthestairs on instagram and facebook

      • Enter our contact form below and include your instagram page name

      • BONUS if you have recent photos that show us your photography style


        • All content produced are the independent views of the author/originator but remain the property of Nerd Under The Stairs during and after the engagement is concluded.
        • We are really committed to having high quality content and reserve the right to not publish any content that we feel doesn’t adequately represent our brand.
        • From time to time we refine this program and as such all discounts and promotions are subject to change or revocation at any time.
        • The terms brand enthusiast and brand rep are not intended to infer employment, partnership or any legal status.
        • All engagements are for a rolling period of 3 months and can be ended by either party or extended by agreement of both parties.